Two storey rear and side extension and loft at Downs Road, Ewell

This property in Ewell was made significantly larger and modernised with the addition of a two story extension to the back of the house and a loft conversion.

Large glass doors were added to the ground level which open out onto the garden and flood the ground floor with light.

The extension featured a glass facade to really make the most of the south facing garden.

The large scope of the work and high end finish makes this property substantially more attractive and valuable.

“Dream Space built a double story extension and single side extensions onto our 1930s house and we are delighted with the open plan spaces they have achieved and the quality of the finish at the end. Austin and his team worked collaboratively throughout with our structural engineer and project manager on our large and complex project. Austin proposed a number of alternative ideas during the build that we implemented which helped to enhance the end result.

Thank you to Austin and the whole Dream Space team for all their hard work on our home.”

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